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You may appeal this violation under the provisions of Massachusetts Code of Regulations 730 CMR 7. 04. Late appeals will not be accepted. This Toll Violation Appeal applies only to the violation number you indicated below. You are then encouraged to appeal this violation by filling out the information below and mailing this Appeal Form to the VPC. You must appeal the violation in writing by submitting this form to the Violation Processing Center VPC by the Due Date shown below. Please note...
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for each Violation Period (listed in parenthesis). The address of the Violation Processing Center is above. PURPOSE OF APPEAL The purpose of the appeal is to determine if your registration has been transferred and, if so, by whom. PURPOSE OF APPEAL You may appeal a citation only once. You must appeal the same citation the same day that the citation is received by the Registry. The written appeal must be returned to the Violation Processing Center by the due date listed above for each citation. In the appeal, provide the following information: Vehicle Information: Date and time of violation (the time when the vehicle was observed). Paid Toll Violation: Name and number of unpaid tolls. Address and Tx Toll Violation Notice: Date, time, and location where the violation occurred. Reason for the Appeal: Reason for the written appeal. The appeal is not an admission of guilt. This does not relieve you of responsibility in any way. The violation was not an accident, and does not absolve you of responsibility if the violation resulted from accident. The violation was not a collision, and does not absolve you of responsibility if the violation resulted from collision. The violation can be corrected (the same day that the notice is received). If the violation can be corrected, the vehicle will be issued a new registration and will no longer be listed on the Violations page. A new registration will not be issued, except in the case of a death as provided by the law, or in the case of a crash or a collision involving death or bodily injury not at all caused by the violation, or if the vehicle is removed to the nearest authorized repair facility for such repair. You do not have to submit additional supporting documentation. If you have questions as to the contents of your receipt, please call the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles Customer Service at 800-972-6232. All violations listed on a vehicle must be issued within a 30-day period. Violations reported after the due date will not be processed. The vehicle may not be sold or otherwise transferred at this time. This is not a violation of the Massachusetts Insurance Law, the Massachusetts Registration Law or any other state or federal law. Violators of this law are not eligible for refund or credit of any fees. The Registry may suspend or terminate the owner's registration for up to 60 days or take other actions, as provided in Massachusetts Code of
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